Siggi Eggertsson’s Landscape Illustrations

Siggi Eggertsson has a succinct, yet light-hearted, write-up on his site: “Grew up drawing, painting and building stuff. Also played some basketball and collected basketball cards. Got my first PC, at first I mainly used it to play computer games, but soon I found out I could also draw on it. Found out that there was a profession called graphic design that combined two of my biggest hobbies, computers and drawing.”

Kind of like the Iceland-born artist’s work, which delivers viewers visions of rich, full cityscapes and landscapes, which have been broken down and simplified through Siggi’s detailed mind and hand.

His work, which lends itself beautifully to the printed page, can be seen in the likes of The Atlantic, Blender Magazine, Dwell, ESPN Magazine, GQ, The Village Voice, and Wallpaper*, as well as for big name brands like Coca Cola, Playstation, Stüssy, and Urban Outfitters.


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