Matthew Grabelsky’s Animal Subway Paintings

New-York artist Matthew Grabelsky creates surreal, enigmatic urban sceneries artworks that combine everyday situations with the subconscious world of dreams and mythology (with animal heads). You should go see his latest exhibition starting at the end of April at Think Space Gallery in Los Angeles.


“My paintings are enigmatic, and they create dream-like worlds that invite viewers to form their own interpretations of the imagery presented. I paint in a highly realistic manner, derived from my studies of 19th-century French Academic painters, and I use this visual language to craft modern narratives. I place my subjects in urban settings: trains, gritty alleyways, and cosmopolitan cityscapes; then introduce a twist to create a mix of rational and irrational elements. My work is often humorous, and it straddles the divide between the serious and the bizarre.”

— Matthew Grabelsky



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