aveda shampure dry shampoo review

Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo


aveda shampure dry shampoo review

For me, Aveda is one of those stores that’s like Jupiter’s gravity. It draws me in! There’s one at the Corte Madera mall by my house, and my nose compels me to walk in whenever I’m there, just to smell the shampoos and conditioners.

The ladies who work there are always so nice, too. “Can I get you a cup of tea or help you find a product?” And I’m like, “Nope! I’m just here to sniff the shampoos…”

LOL! They must get that a lot. 🙂 I don’t see how someone could not walk into an Aveda store, though. They’re so herbal and earthy and refreshing and just so, so good to my nose. My favorite of their fragrances is Shampure, which just so happens to be the scent behind their new Shampure Dry Shampoo.

Shampure is their signature calming scent, and it’s filled with 25 flower and plant essences, like lemon verbena and lavender (the bottle says that the ingredients are “99.8% naturally derived”). Ahh… It’s like a relaxing Sunday afternoon at the spa.

So because of the scent, of course I had to try the new dry shampoo. A 2-oz. bottle costs $30, and it’s on shelves at Aveda salons, spas and stores (it’s also available online). Also, hello! — dry shampoo junkie right here. I use them four or five times a week.

aveda shampure dry shampoo review

First things first, the packaging.

Hmm… It works like a squishy bottle of baby powder, and the product is a non-aerosol powder, so you tip the bottle upside down, then bring it right side up, then squeeze, and the powder puffs out in a mist.

Now, I’m clumsy, so that might have something to do with it, but I have a hard time using the bottle. Compared to my current dry shampoo obsession (and one of THE BEST dry shampoos in the history of the world), Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, which comes in an aerosol spray, this one’s difficult to use. The powder comes out in puffs and doesn’t naturally disperse over a wide area, which means that I have to position the dispenser right up close to my scalp, and even then, I end up with a white powdery residue on my dark hair, which then takes forever and a day to brush out (although it does eventually get to where it’s basically invisible).

Probably also because of how easy it is to over-apply, it also leaves my roots feeling a little inflexible.

I’ve given it a few tries to see if practice would make the bottle easier to use, but it really hasn’t.

I LOVE the Shampure scent, the natural ingredients, and the powder seems to do a pretty good job absorbing oil and “hiding” dirt, but a larger 4-oz. bottle of Living Proof Perfect Hair Day costs $22.

Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo has wonderful ingredients and a great scent, so it might come down to how you feel about the bottle.

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