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5 new ways to wear your eyeliner, and there’s no cat-eye involved

The best looks from the Fall 2015 runways included a whole new brigade of eyeliner techniques. Take inspiration as we tell you how to recreate each one.

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tanvi kedia

Coloured Lines

A vivid streak all around the eye is a daunting prospect, but you can tailor the colour and placement of the line to your preferences. Tint only the waterline for a subtle flash or go all out and line both lids in the same hue.

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Smoky Liner

Run a brown pencil along the top lashes and scribble it halfway up the lid like shadow, use fingers to blend it into the crease and around the outer corner. Trace a smooth black pencil along the lower lash line and buff it out with your finger.

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Embellished Eyes

Give conventional kohl and eyeshadow a miss—instead, dot tiny crystals along your lower lash line for a sparkling effect.


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Sooty Layers

Trace a black pencil from the middle of the upper lash line to the outer corner. Then follow with black cream liner and, finally, black liquid liner. At the outer corner, add a chunky wedge (using cream liner) that looks smudged on.


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Dual Flicks

Line your upper lash line using a liquid liner and create dual casual flicks—keeping the one on top slightly longer.



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